Thursday, 30 June 2011

Finished My Quilt.

Well folks it's been a steep learning curve for me but I have finished my Freedom Experiment 1 quilt for the Brit Quilt Swap. I must admit I've thoroughly enjoyed myself on this project from start to finish.

With this being the first quilt swap I've been involved in I didn't realise that there is so much more to a quilt swap than just making a quilt. There is the friendships you make by being involved and also the diverse range of discussion topics that are posted to join in with and last but not least there is the advice and support that you receive from other participants in these swaps.

It's hard to believe that it's coming to an end but I shall definitely be taking part in the discussions that take place during the Doll Quilt Swap that will be starting fairly soon.

In the meantime though I shall be continuing my QAL quilt that I started some time ago with Lily's Quilts.
Now that I have discovered the world of blog I shall be starting to blog my progress on this project and on another couple that I've started and not finished yet.

I wonder if in the world of quilting, stitchery and cross stitching it's the norm to jump from one project to another. Anyway I will blog again soon and in the meantime I shall just hope my partner likes her quilt and the goodies I shall be sending along with it.


  1. Oo quilt is beautiful! Love how the dark binding frames the quilt :)

  2. Your quilt will be well receieved. How could it not be? It is gorgeous. But I know it isn't for me - because I already got mine. Now I am going to stalk everyone else and see who gets what. The fun just continues.

  3. It is absolutely the norm for us stitchers (of whatever type) to jump from one project to another! Welcome to our world - didn't you know that's why we all have UFOs?! Enjoy the fun, stretch a little and you'll be an old hand soon enough. Great first swap mini-quilt.