Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Brit Quilt Swap 2011

After using avoidance techniques for a couple of days I decided that it was time to start adding the trapunto onto my quilt. With this being the first time I've ever used trapunto I was a little apprehensive but I have watched my mentor using this technique many times now so I had the gist of what was involved. It all started off very well with me starting with what appeared to me to be the most difficult part. This went brilliantly well so I moved onto the single parts. This was when it happened I got complacent and this lead to me putting a small cut into the front of my design.(I'm hoping that my mentor will be able to help me sort it out when she gets home from work because the thought of having to start over horrifies me but it would teach me to be more careful in future.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Brit Quilt Swap2011

The Finished front view of my quilt. Finally got those darn curves sewn together. Got a sore head trying to work it out.

If there are any beginners out there thinking of making a quilt avoid curves at all costs.

Brit Quilt Swap 2011

Today I finally got round to selecting my fabrics to use for the front of my quilt. After at least half an hour of dithering between plain, patterned, marble effect etc I decided on these. It turns out that this was going to be the easiest part of the Brit Quilt Swap process.
Once I returned home I proceeded to cut and piece together all the different sections of the quilt. It became apparent really quickly that what I thought of as a simple straight forward design suitable for a beginner to produce was in fact a total blooming nightmare as I had no concept of how difficult curves are to sew and piece together.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Brit Quilt Swap 2011

Hi there folks .This is my first ever blog so please be patient with me.
Well it's almost been a week since we were assigned our Brit Quilt Swap partners and what a week it's been.
I think I've gone through every dread and fear you can have when taking part in a swap for the first time and being a beginner hasn't helped any.
After tossing and turning about what direction to take my quilt along I finally settled on a design that I have sketched with my own fair hand.(This was an accomplishment in its self as I'm quite artistically challenged). I can assure my swap partner that I will do my best to make the actual quilt design look a bit artistic.
I must admit now that I have settled on my design it has helped to settle my nerves somewhat and today I shall be finalising my fabric choices so that I can get started on actually making the quilt. Anyway I will post another blog about this later.