Friday, 20 May 2011

Brit Quilt Swap 2011

Hi there folks .This is my first ever blog so please be patient with me.
Well it's almost been a week since we were assigned our Brit Quilt Swap partners and what a week it's been.
I think I've gone through every dread and fear you can have when taking part in a swap for the first time and being a beginner hasn't helped any.
After tossing and turning about what direction to take my quilt along I finally settled on a design that I have sketched with my own fair hand.(This was an accomplishment in its self as I'm quite artistically challenged). I can assure my swap partner that I will do my best to make the actual quilt design look a bit artistic.
I must admit now that I have settled on my design it has helped to settle my nerves somewhat and today I shall be finalising my fabric choices so that I can get started on actually making the quilt. Anyway I will post another blog about this later.

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