Saturday, 29 October 2011

Brit Quilt Swap ( Pillow Fight)

Hi there folks.

Here it is the latest instalment on how my Rainbow River cushion/pillow is coming on.

I have finally managed to complete the quilting part and all that is left to do is add the stitchery and then cut it to size and add the zip.

I'm quite pleased with how the quilting went this time around. Well lets face it anything less than five days unpicking is a vast improvement on last time.

I must admit I'm finding this swap really relaxing and not nearly as stressful as the last one was. I think I learned from last time that most people appreciate the fact that you are trying to make something nice for them and are very supportive of each other in these swaps. The most nerve racking time is going to be adding the zip because I've never done one before and the sending of the cushion because I really really hope my partner likes it.

Anyway I better go and start dying the threads I'm using for the stitchery part of this cushion. I will blog about this once they are done.
Until then stay happy, healthy and keep blogging.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rainbow River

Hi folks,
Here it is my first blog about The Brit Quilt Swap round 2 (Pillow Fight).

After toying with a few different fabric types and colours I finally decided to go with one of these beautiful fabrics. Fabrics that my very good friend Ethne (FlamingStitches) said I could use that have come from her secret special stash. I will at this point say thank you very much

I started off by piecing together cuts of fabric using freezer paper which I think is the best thing in the whole world. After a couple of hours piecing fabric together I ended up with this:

This is the start of my Rainbow River creation.

I must admit I'm quite happy with the amount I got done today.
Especially as I didn't start until half past one. I have however, left
myself with a bit of a dilemma.
What colour background fabric should I use. I was originally thinking of using black but am not so sure now because I intend to add some stitchery to my partners pillow and then there is the quilting to do as well.

At this stage it is safe to say that any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received.
Anyway I shall blog off now and hopefully I will have some more inspiration tomorrow. Until then happy quilting and blogging.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Prize Give Away

Hi there folks,
I'm pleased to announce that Lynne of Lilys Quilts is starting a Christmas Gifts for Quilters.
If you are interested just click on the link in the side bar.
The idea is to give people ideas of the kind of gifts that quilters might be interested in receiving.

There is also another button link on my side bar for Aurifil blogger. This is to help put you in contact with the very generous Mr Aurifil who has lots of beautiful goodies for sale. Also Mr Aurifil is the contributor of the prizes that are up for grabs in Lynne (LilysQuilts) give away.

So good luck folks and many hours of happy shopping/ hinting.