Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mystery Quilt Along Fabrics

After spending days hunting for the right shades and colours of fabric that I wanted to use for the Mystery Quilt Along I realised that the colours and shades I wanted just weren't there. So I decided to have a go at dying fabric myself.

I went out and bought a couple of metres of ivory coloured fabric and some dylon fabric dyes.

On Sunday I divided up my fabric leaving half a metre of the original ivory coloured fabric as is. I am using this as my base colour for this QAL.

So that my fabric wasn't all solid colours I used some shobri on some of the fabric before dyeing it.

Unfortunately this photo does not do the fabric justice as the shobri worked really well and I'm pleased with the end result.

It is my aim to start on the first block this weekend but with a hectic schedule at the moment this is subject to change.

Whenever I do get started properly I will post photos on flickr and will also blog about it here. Until then I shall hope that my schedule lightens up a little.


  1. Well done you! Impressive to make the fabric you desire when you can't find it. You are far braver than me.

  2. Ohh did you hand dye or machine? I got some of both to try... lol

  3. I hand dyed my fabrics. I find it easier to avoid getting a solid block of colour this way. The dylon machine dyes work just as well though.

  4. Crikey Jeanette, 10/10 for effort, really looking forward to seeing the results.

  5. Thanks Sheila. I must admit I've been watching Ethne dye her own yarns and fabrics for months now and with her advice and guidance I got there.

  6. Looking forward to seeing your first block - if you can actually MAKE yourself cut the fabric you love so much

  7. These look great! Can't wait to see your blocks come together :)